With the global standard quality control in manufacturing, our glassware is delivered drinking joyfulness to customers more than 40 years. Established Mitpol Co,. Ltd. Our company had committed to produce "Notable High Quality Thai Glassware brand ". In That period, the company's main product is glass bottle. We use "the coin" as the company logo present (Which means ) an effort to invest both capital, wisdom, and capability and effort of our founders to breakthrough obstacles.


Union Glass Co., Ltd will be the leading high quality glassware manufacturer in Asia Pacific region. We also emphasize our customer satisfaction and product usage under well resource and environment management.


Union Glass Co., Ltd. commits to do business with partners with honesty. Our company maximizes customers’ satisfaction by maintaining high standard of customer service, continuing develop innovative products. The company also use the leading technology in almost every department to encourage work effectiveness and efficiency in the production for the environmental preservation and management.