About us

Sunbeams Impex Inc. is the brainchild of Ravi R. Gurnamal, a man with a vision to make life more

interesting. By delivering products that make you feel good, Sunbeams is a ray of sunshine in your life.
The company was opened in 2010 as an importer and distributor of household products, but soon
became a leading supplier of creative household, hotel, and restaurant products. The company now
also has a Corporate Giveaway, Baby, and Men & Women’s Accessories division. The company can
meet all your needs by providing you with OEM and Indent orders.

While Sunbeams Impex Inc. has grown exponentially since its inception, it has maintained its focus on
creating products that inspire and spark the imagination. Its brands bring vibrancy and color to your
spaces by accenting your environment with beautiful things. Affordable yet unique, Sunbeams caters
to customers who are willing to have some fun.

By constantly keeping ahead of trends, the company supplies department stores, supermarkets,
wholesalers, distributors, and online retailers with a modern lifestyle that is reflected in its products.

  • To bring a ray of sunshine in your life through color and design.
  • To raise the bar of design in the household industry by making ordinary products look extraordinary.
  • To express the importance of having a design perspective by bringing artistic creativity into its products.
  • To inspire others to enrich their life by highlighting design as an important feature in every purchase.
  • To empower its customers to reflect their personalities, dreams and desires in the variety of products in their homes.
  • To deliver profitability to its stakeholders while modernizing and innovating in the way it conducts business.
  • To reward employees for positive performance as a means to increase their standard of living while
    developing them into better versions of themselves.