We developed Slique brand in 2010 for satisfying the needs of every kitchen as the tagline states  - “Your innovative partner” our designing and creative team work hard on bringing life in the product with their unique modern designs for the product and packaging. The products are innovative and colorful thus bringing life and harmonious aesthetic designs in every kitchen instead of the regular black or white products that are available in the market. We find the best suppliers in the world and make sure we can provide good quality in its class at the best price. We are proud to be able to supply this brand to all major department stores and super markets in Philippines. Slique has also been honored by getting the award from Q Asia’s Quality Excellence Awards.  


Provide harmonious designs empowered by fresh ideas and modern concept gives our customer satisfaction under resourceful environment management.


Commits to do business with partners with honesty. Our company maximizes customers’ satisfaction by maintaining high standard of quality in our products.